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Rattrays Tobaccos Packing 25g 50g
Rattrays Black Mallory A medium mixture akin to Red Rapperee, full bodied. A notable tobacco. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Charles Mixture A light tasting full aromatic tobacco from a recipe of Cavendish and Virginia with broad leaf Carolina. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays High Society A mixture of finest Virginia blended with a touch of Kentucky, Burley and Louisiana to produce a vanilla flavour. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Marlin Flake A companion to Old Gowrie but a shade darker, greater strength and a difference in aroma. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Old Gowrie Broken flake of Virginia tobacco prepared in the old time manner. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Red Rapperee A medium mixture, prepared from choice Virginias and heavily flavoured with Orientals. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Sweet Fragrant Various Virginia and Burley tobaccos as well as broad leaf flakes make the character of this mixture, a very interesting aroma. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays Terry Red A pleasant mixture of light Virginia tobaccos from North Carolina and black Cavendish with a composition of rum, ginger and cherry. Tin  n/a  8.45
Rattrays 7 Reserve A dark tobacco of medium flavour. Ideal for the constant smoker. Tin n/a